This pocket trumpet boasts of a black nickel design that makes it a handsome wind based instrument to consider.

The manufacturer offers several similar trumpet instruments, but this pocket design would be easy on the pocket as compared to the larger products made by this manufacturer.

There are standard features in this sound instrument that ensure that sound production and quality are not compromised. The compact size of Allora MXPT-5801 BK Pocket Trumpet makes it ideal for beginners as well as for those looking for a portable trumpet to carry around.

The trumpet combines cool sound with great looks. The warranty terms are dependable and make it an assured purchase for everyone.


  • The trumpet is on the BB bore kind.
  • It has a lead pipe of 459 inches of standard yellow brass material.
  • The bell is about 3.66 inches in diameter.
  • Valves are made of stainless steel and of the 1st valve slide design.
  • The third valve slide is fixed.
  • Ring comprises of valves made of stainless steel with a 3rd valve slide ring.
  • A lightweight nylon case is provided with the product.
  • The trumpet has a black nickel finish with brass highlights.


  • The trumpet offers a comfortable and compact size.
  • Comes with a black nickel finish that makes it look cool.
  • Compact size makes it a portable instrument, ideal for travel.


  • Not ideal for professional musicians looking for full scale performance.
  • Suited only for amateur and beginner use.
  • Can act only as a substitute for the full scale instrument when travelling.


The Allora 5801 is designed for travel. It is a compact and portable trumpet instrument that comes with a handsome nickel finish.

The lightweight music instrument does not compromise on the sound quality. It is a great value for its affordable price, especially for those who are traveling or are looking for a trumpet for amateur use.

Its sharp black nickel plate finish makes this pocket trumpet perfect for the player who wants a cool look as well as a great sound. Its compact size makes the Allora 5801 especially well-suited for travel.


If you are looking at the pocket trumpet product from Allora there are other similar products that you could consider as well. It is best that you look at other products in order to decide on the right brand and product to purchase.

Here are two similar pocket trumpet products of other brands compared with respect to their features for your convenience.

Ravel RPKT1WHT is one such product that you could consider. It is also of the Key of BB make. This pocket trumpet comes with a bore that is .460 inches, while the bell is 4.1 inches. This trumpet features silver plating that makes it a unique design.

You will get the pocket trumpet complete with a case and cloth, along with valve oil for maintaining the same. There are gloves included in the case as well.

Another product that is similar in make and sound production is the pocket trumpet by Sky Band. It comes with silver plating and you are guaranteed to get top sound and quality production.

The shell case is lightweight but durable enough for carrying the equipment around.

It also includes valve oil, a cloth for polishing as well as a pair of gloves. The manufacturer offers a warranty of one year on the product against any possible defects that can arise.


Even though the Allora pocket trumpet might come pricey as compared to the other products mentioned above, you will not be disappointed if you purchase it.

The product is rated well by most customers. The manufacturer does not disappoint in the extra care they take to package the trumpet. The case is of great quality and will ensure that your trumpet is not harmed while you travel with it.

Whether one is a beginner or an advanced player, they will surely have great use of this trumpet. With such a great feedback, you can surely go ahead with your purchase. You will get the right deal on your purchase as well along with manufacturer warranty terms.

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