If you are looking for a pocket trumpet the BlackHawk Pocket Trumpet is a great product to consider. Carol Brass, being a reputed trumpet manufacturer, offers only the highest quality pocket trumpets that most people love.

It has a handsome design as well, flaunting a nickel finish in black along with gold trimmings. The trumpet offers professional level sound, for the affordable price.

Being a brand whose products are a favorite among most professional musicians like Mark Buselli, Sharmarr Allen, Rick Holland and others, you can be assured that you will be investing in a product that would last for years. The features, pros and cons of the product can be checked out below.


  • The pocket trumpet comes with gold trimmings of 24k.
  • It has a black nickel finish.
  • Sound and performance is akin to any professional level trumpet.
  • Projection of sound is perfect.
  • Sound quality is powerful, even with the small design.
  • Comes with a hard case.
  • Polish cloth and synthetic valve oil included.
  • The product comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer.


  • It is a pocket trumpet that features powerful sound.
  • The black nickel finish with gold trimmings makes it a handsome design.
  • Price is affordable as compared to other professional level trumpets.
  • Projection, flexibility and power are perfect for this instrument.


  • Limitations might be found due to the small size of the instrument.
  • Big band performances might not be possible with this pocket trumpet.
  • Might not be sufficient for professional performances.


Besides the limitations that it might offer due to the sound, it is the perfect instrument for those who are starting off with trumpet playing.

The sound output is powerful enough which is not evident from its quaint design. The handsome body design, along with the case and other accessories, makes it a worthwhile purchase.


If you are in the market for a pocket trumpet, it would be smart to look at similar products besides BlackHawk pocket trumpet design from Carol Brass. There are certain features and usage factors that are common in pocket trumpet designs.

However, users will be able to tell you how the performance of one instrument differs from another. Here are two similar products of other manufacturers reviewed for your convenience.

A similar product is offered by Allora. Known as Allora MXPT-5801 series, this pocket trumpet comes with a silver design. The features of this product include a lead pipe that is 459 inches long and is of yellow brass.

There are stainless steel pistons of the first valve slider that adjust smoothly. The third valve slide ring with water keys makes it a complete and compact instrument.

The instrument comes with a nylon case. The trumpet has a lacquer rose brass finish. The gold plating and silver combine to give it a unique look.

The other product to consider is Prelude PT711B which is part of the Conn-SelmerPT711 series. This BB pocket trumpet has similar features as the Allora product. The lead pipe is .459 inches in dimension. It is composed of yellow brass and has valves of similar material.

There are three stainless steel piston valves with a fixed ring and different finishes, such as red lacquer, black or silver finish. The product comes with a mouthpiece of 7c trumpet and a soft case.

It might be a good idea to consider what the customers have to say about the respective products. When it comes to investing in a wind based instrument you need to understand your requirements and choose the product accordingly.


Even with similar products in the market, purchasing BlackHawk pocket trumpetis the best option.

Carol Brass is a reputed manufacturer, and you can rely on them to provide you with an instrument that produces quality music and sound.

At the same time the black nickel finish with gold trimmings makes it a handsome pocket trumpet. You will surely love the sound and the affordable price that it comes with.

You will surely find great deals and bargain offers to avail of when you make the purchase. The manufacturer terms will offer you peace of mind as well.

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