People who are searching for a pocket trumpet can take a look at the portable trumpet that is offered by Hawk Nickel Plated Pocket Trumpet.

Being in the field for manufacturing different kinds of wind based music instruments, it is a brand that offers several trumpet products. It has a compact design, which makes it easy to carry around.

It is ideal for those who are starting off learning to play the trumpet. As most large scale trumpets are considerable investments, it makes sense to start off with this kind of a product for beginners.


  • The trumpet is a pocket size, design offered by Hawk.
  • It has an attractive nickel plating finish.
  • It is a BB trumpet that is of a compact design.
  • Bell design is smaller than in standard trumpet designs with a tightly wound tubing.
  • Key inlays are made from mother of pearl.
  • Action valves offer smooth operation.
  • Comes with a protective case.
  • Action valves are adjustable.
  • Mouthpiece and case included.


  • It is a compact BB instrument in this category.
  • Tubing is compact to ensure tube length is not reduced.
  • Key inlays made of mother of pearl.
  • Action valves are smooth and adjustable.
  • Slides case and mouthpiece included.


  • It is a compact design, pocket size.
  • Sound production limited due to the small size.
  • Perfect for beginners and amateur players.


It is a compact pocket trumpet that features a unique design with a small bell and tubing that is compact to allow the tube length to remain the same.

With a nickel plating finish and key inlays made of mother of pearl, this trumpet has a handsome design that offers a smooth performance. The adjustable slides and action valves allow one to create the perfect sound with ease.


Among the different pocket trumpets available in the market, it might be worthwhile to look at two other products at least in the same category. We’ll review the trumpets from Merano and Mendini, with respect to their features, price, performance and other factors. It will help you make an informed decision when you opt for the final purchase decision.

Merano WD480SV-A is a nickel plating pocket trumpet. It comes with a mouthpiece that also has nickel plating and a case that is lined with velvet. This case makes it easy to carry around, and it comes with handy accessories such as a cleaning cloth, gloves and valve oil.

If you look at the other product, similar one offered by Mendini, it is a nickel plated pocket trumpet. This MPT-N product comes with an attractive discount price like the other product as well.

It is a BB kind trumpet with a 7C mouthpiece. The bore is 0.46 inches and bell is 3.75 inches.

There is faux mother of pearl inlay buttons as well. The mouth pipe of lead comes with phosphorous, copper lining. The action valves offer smooth and flawless operation.

The product comes with a chromatic tuner as well as a pocketbook, while the case comes with valve oil and polishing cloth.

The trumpet can be handled with care with the white gloves provided in the case. The manufacturer provides a year-long warranty on every purchase.


Though there are comparable products in the market, the Hawk nickel plated pocket trumpet would be worth investing in.

It is of a compact design, the bell being smaller and the tubing being tightly wound than in other trumpet designs.

However, the performance is not hampered due to the setting and configuration of the trumpet tube. The mother of pearl inlays, along with action valves, which are smooth, lead to a high-class instrument in your hands. It comes with a durable case as well.

You will surely get a top-quality instrument from the manufacturer. The retail platform guarantees free return or exchange in case you find any faults or defects in the packaging or item shipped. You are sure to get an instrument that would be worth the price you pay for.

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