Let’s take a look at the Mendini pocket trumpet review where will focus on all the aspects of this brand.


As far as manufacturing is concerned, you can definitely compare it to the standard trumpet. It possesses the same length as the regular-size trumpet. It also has the same length of tubing.

Moreover, it is pitched in the BB. The main difference comes in the tubing. The winding of the tubing is done in a tight manner, to make it more compact.

It has definitely helped reduce the overall size of the trumpet. Also, it has a cylindrical bore. And that makes it different from a Cornet.

We have to consider the bell diameter next. In comparison to a full-size trumpet, it has a much smaller diameter. Owing to smaller bell and tightly wounded tubing, you will have to deal with restricted airflow.

As a result, you will be getting a thinner sound in comparison. But that is a slight difference. For a layman listener, both versions would sound the same.


  • When it comes to a traditional musical group like an orchestra, you won’t find them using pocket trumpets.
  • The same can be said about a Brass Band or Concert. Owing to the small size, musical groups generally prefer full-size trumpets.
  • But if you are looking for a fun element, nothing can be as good as a pocket trumpet. It can add to the whole fun.
  • However, nothing stops it from being played in the group of an ensemble like an orchestra. It’s just that the sound quality is a bit different here. Maybe that’s why orchestra groups avoid them. But in the future, you may see them use pocket trumpets more often.

Mendini pocket trumpet

Cecilio is behind Mendini pocket trumpet. This brand is perfect for students and beginners will find it very useful. It comes with a mouth pipe which is made of phosphorous copper lead. It also has 3 smooth action valves and white mother of pearl lay.

As far as every piece of the trumpet is considered, they have done play testing at their factory. They have done re-testing later on at their distribution center in Los Angeles.

This has been done to ensure that the quality standards are met according to their satisfaction. That should be the reason why instructors give high marks to their brand.

One of the most striking aspects is that it is easy to carry to school as it comes with backpack straps and nylon covered hard shell case. There are other things too, including a valve oil bottle, cleaning cloth and a pair of gloves.

Or in other words, their packaging is really attractive. You should definitely go ahead with this model. It also provides a 1-year warranty. These things make Mendini pocket trumpet a highly sought-after brand.

Things to remember

As far as the mouthpiece is concerned, it is same as the mouthpiece used in regular trumpet. There are not too many differences.

In fact, you can use regular mutes on it as well if you wish to. The only difference is that it is a bit more condensed compared to the full-size trumpet.

What about the size of this trumpet?

Well, it has a size of 9’’. As far as the size of the mouthpiece is concerned, it has 7C size,but you can go for customization if you want. You can try different permutations and combinations if that pleases you.

The case dimensions are 11/8/5.5 inches. We can say it is really well constructed case – it comes with zip pocket on the outside. It also has a sturdy zipper which can be accessed from all the sides.

You will find anti-scuff studs as well. The rigid corners will make it even more attractive. We have already mentioned the case of the mouthpiece. Therefore, you don’t need to buy a new mouthpiece at all.

When it comes to Mendini pocket trumpet, or any other brand of pocket trumpet, people have many questions regarding the sound produced. Is it loud enough?

This is the question everyone has in their minds. Well, I would say it sounds louder in comparison because it is closer to you while you play it. Also, it is easier to blow. When it comes to higher volumes, it definitely sounds better.

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