As the name suggests, pocket trumpets are compact in size. As for the playing range, you can definitely compare it to the regular-size trumpets.

Nothing makes it inferior when it comes to the quality of the sound produced. Both are more or less the same in design, except for the compact size. The major difference comes in the length of the tube.

If you straighten the tube, it will be as long as the regular-size trumpets. In the case of pocket size trumpets, the tubing is wound tighter. And this has helped reduce the size of the trumpet tremendously.

As a result, it has managed to keep the characteristics intact as well. The bell diameter is smaller in comparison, and orchestra, brass sections and concert bands normally don’t prefer pocket trumpets. They usually go with the full-size trumpets. It’s because of the fact that they have been used to it.

When it comes to pocket trumpets, they are usually regarded as the novelty trumpets, so the most professional players haven’t even tried them yet.

However, that can change in the future. Moreover, it is easy to carry and you can take them wherever you want as it fits into a suitcase without much difficulty.

As stated, professional musicians don’t take it as seriously. However, the soloists in Jazz are fond of this instrument. Don Cherry is an example.

Also, there are bands that use it to add variety and flair to the concert. You know, the music concert scene is constantly changing. So, you may expect this to be a mainstream choice in a few years down the line.

Different brands

There are so many brands in the business today and they all have something unique about them. It’s difficult to pick a single one as the best.

The different functionality makes it difficult to grade them as better or worse. However, let’s take a look at the popular manufacturers in the business today.

  • Tristar

It is an India based manufacturer.

  • Cecilio

It is a Chinese brand.

  • Marinelli 6500L

Yet it is another popular brand.

  • Jupiter 416

It is a Taiwanese brand.

  • Stagg

It is a popular brand.

  • Amati ATR

We are referring to the Czech Republic brand here.

  • Carol Brass CPT

It is a Taiwanese brand.

  • Holton T650

It is a US based manufacturer. However, they are no longer in the business today.

  • Marcinkiewicz Vermeer

This is a US based manufacturer. Quite popular though.

  • BengeColibri

Again, another US based brand.

Pocket trumpet grade

When it comes to each of these brands, the grading is very important. If you take a closer look at each of the above mentioned manufacturer and the products they offer, you can see that they specify the grade.

Looking at the grade, you will be able to get a better idea about the brand and what they offer. Most of the brands are graded as novelty pocket trumpets.

As the name suggests, you mainly use them as a novelty instrument. And quality can differ from brand to brand. You will also come across brands that are graded as practice pocket trumpets.

As far as the quality is concerned, they haven’t compromised. Most of the working musicians use them. However, they mainly use it for practice.

Now, speaking of the professional grade pocket trumpets, we are referring to the high – end pocket trumpets. What about the use? Well, they use them as an auxiliary instrument while performing.

Other factors

When you compare different brands or models of pocket trumpets, you have to take a look at the bell and bore diameter, which is very important for several reasons.

If you are aiming for better range and intonation, then I would suggest that you should go for trumpets that offer larger bell and bore diameter.

Moreover, they provide trumpet mute, which is characteristic to full-size model. The rating is another factor that you need to look into.

Just go to and compare the rating given there. The rating is very important when it comes to choosing the right brand.

Last but not least, let’s take a look at the price as well. As far as fluctuations in the price are concerned, availability is a big factor. Special promotions also affect the price.

You will always find the quality you have been looking for. But the general suggestion is that, you shouldn’t be going for cheap brands as they won’t be much functional when you need them.

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