If you are in the market for a pocket trumpet, the New Brass Pocket Trumpet is worth a look.

With several nickel finished designs, it offers a unique shiny brass finish. This offers the trumpet a golden finish that will last a good length of time.

And the best part is its incredibly affordable price. It has unique features and comes with several handy accessories. The feature details and other aspects are mentioned below.


  • The trumpet has a first valve slide design for the thumb hook.
  • The third valve has a slide ring.
  • The outer case is a hard-shell design that is plush in its lining.
  • It comes with valve oil and cleaning cloth.
  • White gloves are included as extra accessories.


  • It is a compact trumpet design.
  • Great portable features.
  • The sound production is great in-spite of small size.
  • The product comes with assured warranty terms.
  • Best for amateur players.


  • Sound production may be limited as required in professional performances.
  • Design features might be limiting for professional players.


Those who are looking for a golden colored trumpet to start off with will surely be satisfied with this pocket trumpet design. The brass design and the thumb hook and ring design make it an easy trumpet to start off, especially for beginners.

You will find the product to come with a handy and durable case, along with gloves and maintenance accessories.

The manufacturer offers dependable warranty terms. It is a product that will work well for anyone who is starting off learning this wind based instrument.


Before you make the purchase, it might be worthwhile to look at similar products in the market. Online retail marketplaces usually stock up on similar products offered by competing brands.

It is best to look at two similar products at least so that you can make a comparison based on features, performance, price and manufacturer terms. Here are two other products outlined for your benefit.

Take a look at the black lacquered pocket trumpet by Roy Benson. This BB pocket trumpet comes with a handsome look that will surely make it worth a consideration.

It flaunts a black anthracite finish along with lacquer. The gold trimmings adorn the lead pipe and brass bell. You will have stainless steel pistons of top action and two-point nylon valves.

The trumpet comes with water keys and thumb ring. The backpack makes it handy to carry the trumpet around. The usual accessories like valve oil and cloth are provided with the trumpet as well.

The other product that you could consider is the Mendini MPT-N nickel plated pocket trumpet. This BB kind of pocket trumpet comes in nickel coloring. Sold online by KK Music store, it is easy to purchase and comes with reliable purchase terms.

The pocket trumpet has a 7C mouthpiece along with a bell that is 3.75 inches. The bore has a 0.46-inch diameter and has faux mother of pearl inlay buttons. The lead mouth pipe is made of phosphorous copper, while the action valves are designed for smooth operation.

The manufacturer offers a chromatic tuner with the trumpet, along with a polishing cloth and valve oil in a bottle. There is a pair of white gloves included in the case. The manufacturer offers a one year warranty for the product.


Thenew brass pocket trumpet is Anaxa BB kind. It offers a rich tone along with the craftsmanship of superior quality. The trumpet is priced reasonably and it is of a great value.

You will experience smooth slides and valves that respond in a fast and smooth manner. You will find beautiful sound emanating when you blow into it.

All instruments are adjusted before shipment. Hence, one can be guaranteed that they will find a well-tuned piece that land in their hands. You can also go through the customer recommendations and reviews that are favorable about the product.

It will surely help you make up your mind about the purchase. The reliable online platform will ensure safe and secure transit of your package as soon as you place the order.

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